ORANGE: Moonshine UHMW Custom Anti Rockers


Image of ORANGE: Moonshine UHMW Custom Anti Rockers

Our flagship product sold at skate shops across the United States will always be sold in stores only. But with rollerblading technology and skaters personal preferences becoming more fine tuned, we'd like to help cater to those looking for something specifically made for how they like to skate.

Introducing Moonshine UHMW Custom Anti Rockers. Available in a variety of custom sizes, colors, and options for powerblading, Mushroom Blading, Tri Rocker, and so on. More sizes coming very soon.

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All Moonshine UHMW Products are custom made to order although we strive to get orders out as fast as possible please allow 5-10 business days for shipping confirmation. We appreciate your support, thank you.

NOTE: Our orange is a shade of Red-Orange.